Industrial cooperation between Russia and China

Russia is increasing energy supplies to China and buying missing equipment in China
Over 150 Chinese enterprises will present their solutions for various industries within the framework of the China Machinery Fair 2023, which will be held from October 30 to November 1, 2023 in Moscow at IEC Expocentre.
Visitors will be able to get acquainted with the latest models of commercial vehicles, packaging, energy, agricultural, construction and other equipment, as well as various components. For example, one of the main business parks in China, the GREENWOOD Company, will deploy a large-scale exposition at the China Machinery Fair, presenting the novelties of its flagship GREENWOOD AUTO direction. Here it will be possible to discuss the possibilities and prospects of cooperation with the largest supplier and official partner of significant Chinese automakers.

In addition to the exposition, the company will be presented at the exhibition as part of a joint stand with the Union of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia and partners of Chinese automobile companies. By the way, GREENWOOD specializes in complex deliveries of new cars and equipment to Russia from China.

Capacities and innovations for power engineers

As it was said at the recent Russian-Chinese business forum in Shanghai, Russia began to supply 40% more energy resources to China in 2023. At the same time, domestic production is currently cooperating with Chinese companies to arrange the supply of missing equipment for the energy and oil refining industry.
At the same time, we have already reported that almost half of the exhibitors at the upcoming China Machinery Fair are representatives of the energy sector. Namely: Chinese manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of pumps, valves and pipeline fittings (20%), technology companies presenting solutions for power plants, oil fields, electric power projects, engineering and industrial plants (20%), as well as manufacturers of bearings and conveyor belts (6%).
The exhibition will include a demonstration of technological innovations (generators, electric motors, industrial boilers, electrical equipment, low-voltage equipment, etc.). In particular, equipment from the Chinese developer Xuzhou Hengxing Jinqiao Machinery Technology Co., whose main specialization is the production of construction equipment for rotary drilling rigs, piling machines for highway fences and photovoltaic power plants for road fences, solar panels and other high-tech solutions, will be presented.

Demand for agricultural and packaging equipment

Experts complain that due to the departure of foreign manufacturers from Russia, a shortage of agricultural machinery and spare parts may form in the industry. Parallel import and entry of Chinese manufacturers into the Russian market can solve this issue.
So, in total, about 20% of the China Machinery Fair 2023 exhibition space is planned for expositions of participants in such areas as equipment and construction materials (metal materials, construction materials and a small part of equipment and tools), metal and wood processing machines, as well as agricultural machinery (intelligent agricultural machinery – for example, milling equipment etc.)

It is noteworthy that the Chinese enterprise Jiangsu Yizheng Agricultural Machinery Development will bring the latest models of agricultural tractors and drones to the exhibition, as well as present intelligent fruit and vegetable sorting systems, irrigation systems. Among other things, it will demonstrate innovative equipment for the agro–industrial complex - the AGMA-Toyar automatic steering system.
The demand from the Russian business for high-tech packaging equipment with guaranteed service equipment and uninterrupted supplies of components and consumables does not decrease. This season, the share of exhibitors representing business related to packaging production reaches up to 20% of the total number of exhibitors. By tradition, a wide exposition will unfold at the exhibition with a demonstration of the capabilities of packaging, packaging and food equipment of the famous Chinese manufacturer Hualian Machinery Group Co., a permanent participant of China Machinery Fair. The company's branches operate in more than 100 countries. The company has been operating in Russia since 2007.

According to analysts, it is production cooperation with Russian companies that will allow Chinese manufacturers to reach a new level of production. Visitors of the exhibition will be able to discuss more about the prospects and other industry issues during the business program and during trade meetings with Chinese manufacturers within the framework of China Machinery Fair 2023.

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