The Necessity of Production Localization in Russia. Real Cases and Success Strategies
1 November
10:15 – 11:45


Vitaly Mankevich
President of Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
Wang Peng
Managing Director of Dongfeng Motor in Russia
Deng Lanhua
General Representative of CJSC "Triangle Shina"
She Min
Managing Director of "FAW Easterm Europe" Co. Ltd.
Liu Shengchao
Managing Director of Foton Motor in Russia
Liu Juan
Managing Director of Brilliance Motor in Russia
Anatoly Fedulovich
Chairman of Board of Directors of "Khozyain" Group
Sergey Polbin
Managing Director of AMS Group
Vitaly Stepanov
Head of Industrial Development Projects Support Agency
Alexey Sukhorukov
Managing Director of Polymix Co. Ltd.
Francois Rozycki
Head of Multinational Clients Coverage Department, Senior Vice-President of Rosbank
How International Banks Support Foreign Companies in Russia
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  • Russian Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
    Russian Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs is a public organization which implements state cooperation programs aimed at strengthening cooperation between public and business associations of the Russian Federation and Asian countries. The Russian Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs mission is to promote the development of the Russian economy through strengthening mutually beneficial Russian-Asian business cooperation.